Vardhman Wardrobe Classification (Jewellery) Box

Vardhman Wardrobe Classification (Jewellery) Box

₹ 8 991.00

₹ 6 293.00

Model No: VI-154 Material : Aluminium + Plastic + Iron + MDF + Cloth Size : 900MM (W864*D460*H71) Load Capacity : 15 KG Colour : Grey + Orange Function : Soft Closing


High grade wooden box with orange leather, exquisite production process and feels, it bring more warm in our life. 


With the fully concealed silent soft closing slide, it can be keep the jewellery smooth sliding.


The width of the frame is adjustable according to the internal wardrobe with adjustable for 50mm.


Modern fashion apperance of the  aluminium frame with a new high-purity aluminium alloy material, can ensure the stability of the product..


The product is suitable for the standard cabinet, the optimum thickness of the cabinet board is 16-18mm.